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Access Procure Wizard. Training, Installations and Management

Our partnership is with Access Hospitality Ireland to make their industry leading procurement software available to all Expert Cost Control customers has been a game changer for our clients and ourselves. We have over 60 clients using the software and the benefits from the software combined with our expertise is driving the reduction and more importantly the control of all costs associated with doing business. This is a link (https://accesshospitality.ie/purchase-to-pay/) to the website where you can browse the benefits of the software.


The Key Benefits of the Software are:

  1. Real time tracking of unit profitability against EPoS / PMS
  2. Absolute control over users and suppliers, real time reporting
  3. Automatic cross referencing of invoices / contract prices
  4. PO solution for the entire group, access from anywhere, at any time
  5. Immediate enforcement of group wide decisions
  6. Significantly reduces processing time and headcount
  7. Empowers staff through visibility and control
  8. Enables more effective negotiation with suppliers
  9. Tracks rebates / discounts and contract terms
  10. Ensures full staff compliance of company processes and limits are set
  11. No additional resources required to manage the solution

Audit & Review Options

We have several options for our services that requires the Access Procure Wizard software to be installed to suit all different client types, from small high street cafés to full service large hotels.

Option 1:

Full Consultancy Project with a share of all savings, (No Savings No Fee)

Full Consultancy Project with a share of all savings, (No Savings No Fee). Full audit of your outlets spends across all categories, analysis of this spend and recommendations of a scope of savings opportunities, agree savings and products with client, implement all savings opportunities agreed. Continual monitoring of suppliers and pricing, constantly looking to identify further savings. Full suite of ECC reporting. This option is best suited to large full-service hotels, hotel chains or pub and restaurant chains.

Option 2:

Consultancy Fee and reduced share of savings

Consultancy Fee and reduced share of savings. Service as Option 1 but with a pre-agreed small monthly fee and a reduced % share of savings. This is suited to smaller independent hotels, and small (2-3) bar and restaurant groups.

Option 3:

ECC Smart

ECC Smart – Preloaded price files from our list of nationally approved suppliers. Benefit from the extraordinary pricing we have negotiated with our preferred suppliers, that will meet all your product needs. Full visibility of pricing on the platform. Generate POs and track deliveries. ECC bespoke reports to drive gross profit. Over time add accounts integration for invoices, add your local suppliers and much more. This option is suited to the smaller F&B outlets with a turnover of up to €1.5M. This is also a self-financing solution.


All of the above options are based on you, the client, using our online procurement system in conjunction with Access Procure Wizard Ireland. We typically save clients up to 15% on their procurement and deliver these savings directly to the bottom line.

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