Getting operational – Part 3

Our ECC Series Part 3: All hands on deck— Opening week

Opening Week 29th June  – Good luck to you all.

Current State of Play

What will happen when businesses reopen. We have gone through all the planning and maintenance tasks during the last couple of weeks.

Let’s get back to business:

Get Operational. Now we will focus on all the elements of getting back to business. Some businesses will be open earlier than others as part the of the Government guidelines. We now have confirmation that in controlled environments the following guidelines are to be adhered to; for food businesses and bars serving food.

Physical distancing of 2 meters should be maintained between tables. However if this is not possible, this can be reduced to 1 meter in controlled environments if the below risk mitigating requirements outlined below have been met:

  • Signage to ask customers not to enter premises if they have Covid-19 symptoms.
  • Regulate entry to prevent overcrowding. Encourage pre-booking as much as possible. A text may be sent to remind the guest to stay away if unwell.
  • Use floor markings inside the premises to facilitate compliance with the social distancing advice of 2 metres, particularly in the most crowded areas, such as serving counters and tills.
  • Use vertical signage to direct customers to facilitate movement within the premises while maintaining 2 metre distance.
  • Make regular announcements to remind customers to follow social distancing advice and clean their hands regularly.
  • Place plexiglass barriers at tills and counters if feasible, as an additional element of protection for workers and customers.
  • Adequate hand hygiene and toilet facilities. Provide additional pop-up hand hygiene stations or facilities if possible, providing soap, water and hand sanitiser.
  • Establish and supervise a schedule of frequent cleaning of bathrooms and frequently touched surfaces.
  • Customers should be seated at a table except when using the toilet, paying and departing. If it’s possible let customers pay at their table using mobile card terminals/machines.
  • Clear signage should indicate the location of and route to the bathrooms.
  • Limit the number of servers per group of guests to the smallest that is practical.

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