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Getting operational – Part 3

Our ECC Series Part 3: All hands on deck— Opening week Opening Week 29th June  – Good luck to you all. Current State of Play What will happen when businesses reopen. We have gone through all the planning and maintenance tasks during the last couple of weeks. Let’s get back to business: Get Operational. Now […]

Getting operational – Part 2

As we now have guidelines as to when we can re-open our hotels, restaurants and pubs, it is time to start putting plans in place to deal with the new reality of dealing with Covid-19 in our establishments. How our businesses will evolve for this new era will be down to proper planning, staff training and supplier and customer engagement. Our customers will need the reassurance that they will be safe when they visit our premises. Here are some simple points that may help with how we operate into the future and certainly until an antibody test or a vaccine is freely available.

Covid-19 Getting Operational

Expert Cost Control in conjunction with our software partner Access Procure Wizard have produced a comprehensive Covid-19 guide to help you with the planning process for reopening and the next few months.

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