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About us

What we do

Expert Cost Control (ECC) analyses an organisation’s total spend across all categories to determine where savings can be achieved. We achieve these savings through a combination of re-negotiated pricing with suppliers and the introduction of best practice structures. Once these savings are implemented, we follow up with a comprehensive review package during the next 12 months.

Because we have visibility of supplier pricing from the 3500 plus suppliers that are trading on our Access Procure Wizard Market, and from our continual pricing reviews we can ensure all supplier price increases are kept to a minimum and more importantly all product price decreases are passed on to all our 100+ customers across the country. In essence our most effective tool to reduce and control costs and overheads is KNOWLEDGE. We typically save clients up to 15% on their procurement and deliver these savings directly to the bottom line.

At ECC, our customised purchasing solutions means that you, the client, are our only focus and reducing your costs is our primary target. Projects are “risk free” for you as our fees are a proportion of the actual savings achieved, so if there are no savings there will be no fee. Our fee is a percentage of the first year’s actual savings, and thereafter you can continue to receive the full benefits of the reductions by availing of our ongoing auditing and monitoring service.

George Harrington founded the Company in 2008, having identified a gap in the market. George has worked in the Hospitality Industry for many years in numerous roles, and he wanted to provide a self-financing procurement solution for hoteliers, publicans, restaurant owners, cafés and anybody preparing and retailing food & beverage.The team of John Callanan, Jeorg Heinicke, and Loretta Kelleher also have many years of experience in the industry. Expert Cost Control has gone from strength to strength over the years and has built solid relationships with their client base throughout Ireland and with the vast majority of suppliers in the country, be they small local suppliers or large national suppliers.

With a buying power in excess of €75 million per annum, Expert Cost Control is a market leader in procurement for the hospitality industry in Ireland.

Our Mission Statement

Expert Cost Control act as your purchasing department, focusing on all and every opportunity to save your business money without compromising on the quality of product you buy or the standard of service you provide. We are 100% client driven and are the only procurement consultancy company in Ireland that works exclusively on our clients’ behalf.

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